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Senior Mobility: How to Purchase a Great Scooter for your Senior!

Purchasing a scooter is a big decision, but it is a worthwhile lifestyle investment for many seniors. So let’s learn a bit more about buying a scooter for an elderly friend, loved one or your parent. Purchasing a scooter involves determining the weight and size of the scooter—for lifting it in and out of a vehicle, for example, the ease in folding it or taking it apart, and the ease of handling and riding it.

What To Look For In The Wheels

The wheels of a scooter are important, because if they are not functioning properly, one may not be able to use the scooter at all. Look for solid-filled wheels so that flat tires are never an issue. Look for tires that balance the scooter. There is nothing worse than a rocking feeling while riding along in a store. A scooter that feels safe, solid and secure is going to give the rider more confidence in riding anywhere. Also, try to ride a demo model, if possible.

Scooter Safety Features For Riding Outside

Allowing mobility for a person is a gift of freedom that will be treasured. If you are purchasing a scooter that will allow a person to travel to a store, a park or to visit friends, you want to be sure of road safety features. Headlights are an example of an important safety feature that make the rider more noticeable. Turn signals are useful too.

It is recommended that you buy your scooter from a reputable dealer to ensure that all its accessories are covered by a warranty. This ensures that if the scooter parts suffer any unusual wear and tear during usage they can be easily replaced with minimal problems. Moreover, buying accessories from a genuine dealer will also protect you against buying poorly made parts and scooter function failures.

There have been many impressive advancements in scooter technology over the last decade. For example, scooter batteries have become longer lasting and more powerful. Some batteries allow you to ride your scooter safely all day without recharging!

Also, look for bright colored side panels that do not blend in with the colors of the road or backgrounds. Bright colored side panels are additional safety features that can prevent accidents by making everyone more aware of the rider on the scooter.

Other Considerations For The Rider On The Go

Purchasing a scooter for an elderly friend, loved one or your parent will also allow the rider to shop for themselves. In purchasing a scooter, look at the basket features and the sidesaddle bag features. Riders may want to take items with them and place purchases in their scooter. Being able to carry items on the scooter is vital to using it more often and without hassle. Look for a stable, sturdy basket and additional storage containers when purchasing a scooter. Finally, check in with your local authorities about the rules of the road for scooters to ensure the safety of all.

Keeping the minds and bodies of our seniors agile and mobile can give them freedom, access and improve their quality of life. Good riding!

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Editor: Dr. JP Hampilos of Senior Care Focus, LBHI; Excerpts from an interview with John E. Kasarda, Administrator, Little Brook Nursing and Convalescent Home on Jason Uvios’ article on Scooter Mobility published in

Senior Care Focus, Issue No. 18-1

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